covid 19 information 


Training such as first aid courses, is important to help try and keep everyone safe. In workplace settings, first aid training may also be a requirement by the HSE or other governing or regulatory body. We understand that for some the thought of undertaking such training can be a little unnerving, given the current COVID-19 virus pandemic. However, we’d like to reassure you, that here at Branch Training we are taking many extra measures to keep everyone as safe as we can. We also ask that for the duration of the course that you follow the guidelines outlined below: 

  • Delegates will be asked not to attend if they have any/or had any Covid-19 symptoms within the last 10 days, or have recently been in contact with anyone who has tested positive (10 days). Daily contactless temperature checks will also be carried out prior to the start of each course. Anyone with a raised temperature above 37.8° will not be allowed to attend the course. 

  • Students will be asked to bring their own drinks and packed lunch. Unfortunately, there will not be the usual tea and coffee facilities available during the course. Please bring any drinks and snacks that you would like with you. Students will also be asked to take their breaks in the designated break areas, outside or in their cars (where possible). Please still adhere to social distancing.

  • Everyone will be allocated their own zone and will be spaced apart. Please stay in your designated zone. 

  • We may have to adapt some of the course content in order to help maintain social distancing. However, all adaptions will be compliant with the standards that our awarding bodies/organisations impose on us. i.e. you may be asked to place yourself into the recovery position, or give directions to someone else from your designated place. Manikins have been adapted so that delegates can practice applying bandages and slings etc…


  • Please wash your hands at the start of the session and periodically throughout the day. Especially if you have touched your face. Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the session. 

  • Please bring a clean face covering / mask with you if you have one, as you may find yours more comfortable. If you do not have one, one will be provided. If you are medically exempt, please inform us prior to the start of the course. You do not need to tell us why you are medically exempt, but we do need to assess whether it will be safe for you to participate if you have a medical condition.

  • Every delegate will be given their own manikin (where possible). We will ensure that we have changed the lungs before each use, that the manikins have been thoroughly cleaned with an anti-bacterial/anti-viral substance and given everyone their own face piece (as most of our manikins have removable faces).

  • Every delegate will be given their own student pack which will contain various equipment that you will need to complete the practical components of the course. 

  • Student packs will be provided which will include equipment to complete the course, such as a CPR face shield, gloves and bandages if applicable. Other PPE will also be available throughout the course such as additional gloves, face coverings and hand sanitiser. 

  • No fabric hand towels to be used – disposable paper towels only. Delegates asked to dispose of these in their own rubbish bags

  • Communal surfaces such as door handles and toilet areas to be cleaned regularly. Delegates will be asked to clean their hands if they have touched any communal surfaces. 

  • Where possible, doors and windows to be left open to minimise delegates touching the same surfaces and to provide more ventilation.

  • Please dispose of any waste by taking it with you at the end of the course, or following the venue’s protocols. 

  • At the end of the session, we kindly ask that everyone gives their manikin and any equipment used, a good clean with the cleaning solutions provided. Please place removable face pieces in the box with the sterilising solution that will be provided.

  • Other safety measures may have to be introduced if needed. 

  • Whilst Branch Training will take many precautions to limit your risk of exposure to COVID-19, we cannot guarantee that there is no risk to you. But we do hope that these precautions will reassure you that we will do our best to keep you as safe as we can and we look forward to our training session together. We are sure that you will enjoy the course and get a lot out of the experience. If you have any concerns please feel free to raise these with us in confidence.