The First Aid at Work + Forestry qualification (FAW+F) is ideal for most businesses whose risk assessment has identified that they require a fully trained first aider for their workplace and require additional forestry modules in catastrophic bleeding and Lyme disease. 

This course is ideal for those working within the Forestry industry and/or those wishing to combine the regular First Aid at Work modules with the additional catastrophic bleeding modules. 

All courses are delivered, evaluated and quality assured to meet the new guidelines set out by the HSE and meet the requirements of the First Aid at Work (First Aid) regulations 1981.

This course runs over 19-20 contact hours (plus breaks) and run over a minimum of 3 days and the certificate is valid for 3 years. To renew the qualification, you may complete a 12-14-hour/2-day FAW/FAW+F requalification course (with an in-date FAW/FAW+F certificate), or an 18-20-hour FAW/FAW+F course if your certificate has lapsed. 


Forestry Workers | Hauliers | Tree Surgeons | Farmers | Agricultural Contractors | Those working with dangerous machinery


Initial Care & First Aider Duties

First Aid at Work Regulations and Rules |Recording and Reporting Accidents and Injuries |Fears of First Aid | Barriers | Initial Assessment | Unconscious Breathing and Recovery Position

Cardiac Problems

Sudden Cardiac Arrest | Heart Attacks | CPR | One Rescuer CPR | Chest Only Compressions | CPR Handover to a Second Rescuer | Covid-19 CPR adaptions | How to use an AED (automated external defibrillator)


Other Primary Care First Aid Problems

Adult Choking | Conscious and Unconscious | Serious Bleeding Management and Wounds | Shock | Burns and Scalds | Seizures and Epilepsy

Specific Injury Management 

Injury Assessment | Breaks, Fractures and Splinting | Strains and Sprains | Types of Wounds and Practice Bandaging different Injuries | Embedded Objects | Burns and Scalds | Head Injuries | Poisoning | Temperature Injuries – Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion and Hypothermia | Eye Injuries | Bites and Stings | Crush Injuries | Chest Injuries | Electrical Injuries

Illness Management

Illness Assessment | The Respiratory System and Hypoxia | Diabetes | Anaphylactic Shock | Heart Attack |Angina | Stroke | Asthma and Respiratory Problems | Hyperventilating

Additional Forestry Modules

Management of catastrophic bleeding | Use of haemostatic dressings | Use of manufactured tourniquets | How to create an improvised tourniquet | Use of Trauma Dressings | Catastrophic first aid kit contents | Lyme Disease | Calling for help and summoning help to remote locations | Previous topics covered may also be related to Forestry – including crush injuries, anaphylaxis (especially relevant to bee/wasp stings and poisonous plants), heat / cold conditions including heat exhaustion, heat stroke and hypothermia and chest injuries 

Certification is valid for 3 years

Upon successful completion and with a current valid First Aid at Work certificate, candidates can complete a 2-day First Aid at Work Requalification (with a maximum 28-day grace period). 

The requalification can be completed up to 3 months prior to the previous certificate expiry date. The new certification will be dated in line with the previous certificate; therefore, you don’t lose out by completing your requalification early. 

It is strongly recommended by HSE that trained staff attend a half-day annual refresher, which gives the first aider the opportunity to update their skills by practical and theoretical means.

Pricing and Course Dates

£205 per person + £3.95 Student PPE pack



First Aid at Work + Forestry (FAW+F) Course Prices 3-day / 20 hours
Prices Breakdown of cost per person
One to Four £820 £820 £410 £273.33 £205
Five to Six £1015 £203 £169.17






Seven to Eight £1175 £167.86 £146.88
Nine to Ten £1300 £144.44 £130
Eleven to Twelve £1410 £128.18 £117.50

Please add £3.95pp for a Covid-19 kit – which includes a CPR face shield, gloves, a wound dressing, a triangular bandage, crepe dressing and eye dressing.


Additional Information

All delegates will receive a handout and/or manual to follow. Upon successful completion they will gain a certificate approved by The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) & FOFATO which is valid for 3 years.


Alternatively, certification can be gained via an Ofqual Awarding Organisation (QNUK or TQUK). If you prefer this option, then please add £12pp for the additional certification costs and administration. Please note that we also need a minimum of 7 days’ notice to register and/or cancel these courses. 


This course can be delivered either 100% in the classroom or can be completed partly online followed by 2 days (14 hours) in the classroom (9am – 5/5:30pm). The price is currently the same for either option. 


Additional mileage costs may be charged for venues further than 20 miles from BH21 6RR. Each additional mile is charged at 40pence per mile. 


For private group bookings it is assumed that the customer will supply the venue unless otherwise agreed. 


During Covid-19 we asked that you follow current Government guidelines. Please also refer to our Covid-19 protocols.

Pricing (download pdf)

Course Dates


Please fill in the contact form or call us on 07875 042529