Branch Training believe that a learner’s individual characteristics and work situation must be taken into account in order to provide the appropriate access to training and assessment.  

Branch Training will endeavor to review individual needs with learners upon registration/attendance.  Where a learner has been identified as requiring additional support Branch Training will agree an Individual Learning Plan and will provide appropriate advice, guidance and support to those learners identified as having special assessment needs.

Where required we, Branch Training, will make reasonable adjustments to assessment which may include (but not be limited to);

  • Allowing additional time to complete written tests/tasks
  • Offering the use of a scribe for written tests
  • Accepting verbal responses to written questions (these must be recorded)
  • Allowing the use of transcribed materials to prepare/support a learner for assessment
  • Use of visual aids (e.g. videos) to support formal questions (e.g. to identify different medical conditions)
  • Allowing the use of a translator (including sign language) to prepare/support a learner through assessment.
  • Changing the layout or venue of the assessment area to allow access

Any adjustments made will ensure that the assessment criteria are still met and that standards are upheld.

Where the Centre is unable to agree reasonable adjustments, we will contact our awarding body/organisation for further advice and guidance.


This policy was approved by: Sonja Blackburn 7th February 2021

Review Due February 2023